Honey & Goldies

Honey and Goldies Jewelry is handcrafted in Reno, Nevada by Designer Lindsay Knowlton. Lindsay is heavily influenced by southwestern design and inspired by the beauty of Nevada landscapes.
Honey and Goldie's vision is to create bright, unique, and enduring jewelry that evokes in it's wearers the charm and mystery of the desert west.

Wear any piece of Honey and Goldie's jewelry knowing it was handmade with care.

Frequently Asked Questions and Store Policies


All "Ready To Shop"/Made stock items are shipped within three days of order. Custom orders are shipped within three days of final payment. FOB Shipping Point is enforced - ownership is transferred to you once we receive final payment and order is shipped. We are not responsible for items that are lost or damaged in transit.

Production Time

We ask for a production time of 4-6 weeks on custom orders. This means from date deposit is placed to shipping date. 


Pricing varies and is calculated by metal cost, weight, stone and production time. Please contact us directly with pricing questions.


Deposits are non-refundable. If you are contacted regarding your order and we do not receive a response within four weeks, your deposit is forfeit.


We hand cut our turquoise for each Honey & Goldies piece. Our turquoise is sourced dominantly from Nevada mines, with the other 10% mainly from Arizona. Because each cabochon is hand cut from natural stone, every piece will vary in color and matrix, leaving them beautifully unique and one of a kind.

Sterling Turquoise rings cannot be resized. Please contact us directly for any sizing questions.

We are not responsible for cracked or broken stones after 3 days of receiving your jewel (please see our return policy). 

Jewelry Care

We want you to keep your jewel in the best shape possible. Please remember many stones such as Opal and Turquoise require special care. While diamonds are much harder, they can still be fractured on high impact. Handle your jewels carefully and follow each stones specific care instructions to ensure longevity. 

Opal care-

  • Opals are delicate but still suitable for jewelry with proper care-Clean only with warm, soapy water. Choose a mild detergent.Avoid heat from intense light. Sudden heat or temperature change can cause "crazing," cracking, and color change/loss.
  • Avoiding wearing in harsh environments and during outdoor activities such as gardening.
  • Avoid chemicals including bleach and household cleaners, hairsprays, lotions, etc. These can cause cracking or color change/loss.
  • Opal stones will crack or break on impact if hit with force. Avoid striking the stone. 
  • If storing for a long period of time, place Opal in a sealed plastic bag with a lightly damp piece of cotton to avoid dehydration. Do not place cotton directly on the Opal.
  • Follow the "last on, first off" rule.
  • Do not sleep with your Opal jewelry on.


Turquoise Care-

  • Turquoise is a delicate but sturdy stone that is very suitable for jewelry with proper care-
  • Avoid high heat and chemicals including bleach, household cleaners, hairsprays, lotions, etc.
  • Do not regularly submerge stone into water.
  • Clean with warm, soapy water. Choose a mild detergent.
  • Turquoise stones will crack or break on impact if hit with force. Avoid striking the stone. 
  • Oils from skin are very good for Turquoise and help keep the stone happy.
  • Avoid wearing in harsh environments and during outdoor activities.
  • Follow the "last on, first off" rule everyday.
  • Do not sleep with you Turquoise jewelry on.


We do not accept returns- all sales are final. If there is a flaw in your jewel, please contact us within three days of receiving your piece and we will gladly fix it. Please keep in mind that each piece is 100% hand made and not perfect.


See something you like on Instagram?
Jewels seen on our Instagram are spoken for unless otherwise noted. Most pieces can be recreated as a custom order (keep in mind stones vary and settings may need to be tweaked).
Please contact us to discuss stones and settings for your jewel.


Please be aware of any metal allergies you may have- jewels cannot be returned due to allergies. Contact us with any metal alloy questions before purchasing.


Honey & Goldies uses only recycled metals and conflict free, ethically sourced diamonds.

Stones may have inclusions. We love this, as it makes them unique and their own. We prefer these beautiful stones with their own personality. Stones cannot be returned or exchanged due to their inclusions, as we do not see these as flaws but as beauty. We are happy to send photos, videos and answer any questions about our available stones. 

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