Honey & Goldies

Honey and Goldies Jewelry is handcrafted in Reno, Nevada by Designer Lindsay Knowlton. Lindsay is heavily influenced by southwestern design and inspired by the beauty of Nevada landscapes.
Honey and Goldie's vision is to create bright, unique, and enduring jewelry that evokes in it's wearers the charm and mystery of the desert west.

Wear any piece of Honey and Goldie's jewelry knowing it was handmade with care.

Honey & Goldies
Handmade Jewelry Boutique & Studio

1108 California Avenue
Reno, NV 89509

Our storefront features not only jewels by Honey & Goldies, but other handmade pieces by talented artists, as well. Alongside the boutique is our studio where we design and hand make each jewel, as well as hand cut each stone- bringing our unique jewelry to life. 

This is all around H&G's little home.

Monday - Thursday

11:00AM - 6:00PM



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